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We support students

from G-K to Grade 12

in French and for all

French immersion subjects

We provide comprehensive and effective trainings for adult and corporation

language  skills
Reading  -  Speaking  -  Listening  -  Writing 



Six programs to meet your specific needs. 

In-Home Tutoring

We work with each student and family in the privacy and comfort of your home to find the right teacher and implement an appropriate curriculum that supports what you already have in place. This ensures that all of the requirements for each unique set of circumstances are fulfilled. 

Parents may choose private in-home tutoring because they can’t help their child with their homework, they do not speak French at home and their child can’t develop conversational skills or also because their child has a lack of interest in the French languages.

We teach elementary level, middle and High-School, university students and adults. 

We offer learning support for children in French, for students and children in French immersion, French school, IB French, core and Extended French.

Online Learning

French4Success offers online learning lessons for children and adults from the comfort of your home or your office through your computer.

French4Success is your personalized and convenient online tutoring solution for most subjects and grade levels. We are proud to offer our online tutoring services. 

We will follow the same teaching plan as in a classroom but with a different setting using various tools through videoconference with Skype or WebEx.

In addition to the conversation, we use interactive activities, videos and audio files to support our lessons.

This type of lesson best suits individuals and children who want to save on traveling time and are comfortable with online lessons. For adult workers, it is very useful especially if you are in a workplace with meetings and conferences.

Individual support

A tutor will provide you with specialized support, whether it be for a specific issue, for helping them catch-up when they've fallen behind, for project help, or to provide further advancement. They will also suggested work methods and learning strategies that will allow them to become more efficient.

Corporate Training

Many businesses have a strong need for French-speaking employees in order to remain competitive in the Canadian and international job markets. These same employees are in demand at government agencies requiring staff who can service a bilingual clientele. In this training, our focus is meeting the needs of those learners who have job-specific goals and who require language specific to their field.

One-on-one Coaching

Many adult learners have studied French in the past or have spent time in a francophone environment, and now want to improve their language skills. Others have a sudden urge to learn the language, while still others need French for their job. It is our goal to make all of these dreams a reality, regardless of the age or language level of the learner.

Students and tutors work 1-on-1, face-to-face during their online private tutoring sessions on our virtual learning platform with pen and paper-like capabilities. Upload homework assignments and collaborate in real-time using audio and video, a digital whiteboard, and screen and document sharing.

Our most qualified and experienced tutors are now available for one-on-one, personalized online tutoring

Training for corporate and adults workers

We offer well-designed and customized corporate classes if your company needs a French training for your employees.
Adult professionals who need a French teacher to enhance their business' perspectives.
Professionals (Health Professionals, lawyers and others) who are required to pass official tests in french.
With the help from a highly skilled, qualified and widely experienced French tutor you will enjoying a program that includes conversational French, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and pronunciation.




Young and older students

(School & university)

Professionals and Corporations

Adults and families

We work only with Ontario certified teachers who have French as first language



After the first contact by phone or email, the registration process is set up through this plan:

Free consultation to identify your child’s needs

Individualized academic tutoring plan to help your child improve their grade and to overcome learning gaps

In-home assessment to highlight the strength and areas of concern for your child

Matching your child with the right tutor

We guarantee to our customers the following services:

  • We do not require any contracts or obligations

  • Our services are highly accessible and affordable

  • Ontario certified Teachers

  • Flexibility: We will adapt and work around your schedule

  • Tailored teaching plan according to each individual’s needs.

  • Professional teachers: Long term commitment to our students

  • Regular follow up on improvement of our students.

How a tutoring session is structured?
Each tutoring session is 60 minutes long, beginning and ending with an emphasis on discussion and
activity. Supplementary resources are provided, and the session is conducted exclusively in French.
1. Warm Up and Organization of the Work Space
Length: 5 minutes


  • Informal discussion of the past week in French

  • Study Skills checklist and dialogue: includes tidying the work space, assembling required materials, sorting/organizing class work and reviewing the student’s agenda

2. Academic Work
Length: 50 minutes

  • Priority is any assigned homework or class projects

  • Each student also has a Tutoring Guide binder which includes resources at their level in reading, writing and math

  • Continued development of study skills throughout

3. Fun Activity in French
Length: 5 minutes

  • Sessions end on a lighter note, with an emphasis on fun activity in French. The idea is to tap into each student’s interests and to connect these interests to the French language. This can include for example any of the following activities in French:

  • Finding and listening to French music

  • Games in French such as flash cards or board games

  • An activity at home such as baking a cake or playing a French video game, developing activity-specific vocabulary

  • Web browsing French art, cultural activities, and more.


  • Affordable tutoring in your home, online or in any location

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Tutors who have passed background checks

  • Tutors who are proven experts

  • Tutor who works on YOUR schedule

  • Tutor Matching - Matching you with the right tutor & finding a new one if you're dissatisfied





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